Home Security System Alternatives

What if you want to improve your home security, but you don’t want to invest in a home security system right now?

Protecting your home (and thereby yourself and your family) is critical. A home security system might not be right for you or at least right for you right now, or it might not be an expense you can handle right now.

These are all legitimate. It’s much more important that you take steps to protect your home than it is to buy a home security system, as I’ve said many times before.

Home security is much, much more than having a home security system.

Your Alternatives

So what else can you do?

I thought I’d summarize some of the many ideas and suggestions I’ve made over the past few months.

Some of my suggestions are merely behavioral improvements you make. Others are products you can purchase—products that are much less expensive than alarm systems and provide some of the features you’d get with a system.

Use these items to start planning better protection for your home. But for even more, grab a copy of my comprehensive and free home & security checklist. If you sign up for my email home security newsletter, I’ll immediately send you the link and you can start downloading it right away.

14 Ideas To Get Started

  1. Be more consistent in locking your doors. Don’t ever leave them unlocked when going out for a short time. Don’t ever leave and not lock the deadbolt.
  2. If any entrance doors donʼt have deadbolts, add them
  3. Similarly, do a better job securing your windows. Don’t lock your doors but leave your windows open, even when you leave for only a short time. Brace your windows and your sliding glass doors so that they cannot be pried opened.
  4. Close your blinds and curtains after dusk so no one can see in
  5. Turn on indoor lighting after dusk, especially when you’re not home, to give the appearance that someone is home
  6. Put indoor lamps, in multiple rooms, on timers, to further the impression that someone’s home
  7. Play music when you’re gone that can just barely be heard from outside. Use a stereo, clock radio, iPod speakers, computer speakers, etc. …whatever you have available.
  8. Use a device like FakeTV to make it look like you’re home watching TV
  9. Add, replace or upgrade strike plates on all entrance door frames to improve a door’s resistance to being kicked in
  10. Securely fasten desktop and laptop computers to immovable objects (desks, bed frames, radiators, etc.) with laptop anti-theft cables
  11. Use webcams and webcam security software on your computer to be notified of trouble
  12. Use indoor motion sensor alarms
  13. Use door & window sensor alarms. Note: Iʼll be reviewing two that I’ve tried out in the next article.
  14. Install outdoor motion-activated lights

This list is only a start. There’s much more you could do. What other suggestions would you make?


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