Important Gun Safe Accessories You Should Consider For Your New Safe.

Lets look at 4 gun safe accessories that you should give serious thought to when buying a new safe.

1. A gun safe dehumidifier

Unfortunately firearms are made from materials which can rust. And you don’t want your favorite rifle rusting.

Rust is caused by dampness, and all but the very best gun safes can suffer from damp unless you take sufficient precautions to ensure that they don’t.

Of course it’s important to take other precautions as well to ensure that your weapons don’t rust. One of the most important is to clean and oil your weapon before putting it in the safe.

It’s perfectly possible to get gun cloths impregnated with silicon based oils which can remove any moisture as well as the remnants of fingerprints and which leave an extremely thin film of oil over the surface of the metal after use. In market, for fingerprint, you should go for biometric handgun safe. Proper cleaning and oiling of your weapon is always important.

It’s important that you do a little more than just clean and oil your weapon. And if your weapon is seriously wet you can spray them with a water dispersant spray. But cleaning and oiling your weapon is not a total solution.

You need to consider the possibility that any form of dampness in the safe will still impact on the weapon.

This is where dehumidifiers come in. It’s possible to get a range of different accessories specifically designed to remove moisture from the gun safe to limit the possibility of rust. Particularly for people who live in the tropics or at high altitude humidity can cause condensation on the surface of their firearms which can turn to rust.

Basically these fall into 2 categories. Desiccants and dehumidifiers.

2. Interior lights

Of course if you have your gun safe in a well lit room you wouldn’t necessarily need lighting. That’s provided you open it during the day or with the lights on.

Try opening your safe at night. Maybe you’ve heard a strange noise and don’t want to turn the lights on. That’s when you might appreciate a small interior light.

Or perhaps you’ve installed your gun safe in the basement so that it can be bolted to the concrete floor. It might be relatively dark in the basement. You open the door and it’s pretty difficult to see inside.

Some of the more expensive and higher quality gun safes come with automatic lighting. In other words, when you open the door a small LED light will illuminate the interior. You’d be surprised how much it improves your ability to see all your weapons clearly.

Of course you can always keep a flashlight on top of the safe or inside. But what if the batteries are flat? Or perhaps you need 2 hands to remove your weapon quickly.

A dedicated lighting kit will provide you with easy to access lighting whenever you need it. Whether it’s operated when the door opens or perhaps when it senses motion, dedicated hands off lighting is extremely useful. For example the Stack-On SPAL 300 Motion Sensitive LED gun safe security light. Stack-On SPAL-300 LED Gun Safe Light for under $20 its cheap lighting. There are variety of gun safe available, for ex-cannon gun safe, biometric etc. For every gun safe, there are a different type of interior lights.

3. A safety alert system

As technology improves there are more and more gun safe accessories which help you protect your weapons. One which we consider essential is a relatively new innovation. Perfectly possible to get a small battery-powered device that can monitor the internal conditions in your safe and, if any of these conditions change, send a text message straight to your phone alerting you to the problem.

For instance if someone opens the door you might need to know about that. If the safe is moved slightly as someone attempts to break in you would probably want to know about that. If the temperature inside the safe gets too hot or cold that is handy.

Of course you’ll need an Internet service with Wi-Fi, but provided you have that available it’s a relatively inexpensive way to know exactly what is happening inside your gun safe.

And one of the best, the Liberty Safes SafElert Safe Monitoring System even tells you if your wireless connection is interrupted. It will also send you weekly emails showing you the status of each of the monitoring points in the safe for that week.

4. A door panel organizer

A door panel organiser is a dedicated accessory offering a range of different storage options.

For example it provides a handy way to store your handguns where they can be easily and quickly accessed.

A good door panel organiser will offer a range of pockets in different sizes so that you can also store other items not related to your weapons, for example jewellery and other valuables. Here are some gun safe door organizer ideas.

However whilst many of the better top end safes come with door organizers many, if not most, offer them as an option. Liberty offer both.

When purchasing a safe we strongly recommend investing in a door panel organiser. If you don’t have one then you can buy them online. It’s just a matter of finding one which will suit your safe.

There are some more important gun safe accessories which you can use, for ex 1911 Shoulder Holster are the best shoulder holster available in market.

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