Home Tips: French Press Coffee Brew

Today I’m going to tell you how to brew coffee using a French press coffee maker.

I’m a huge fan of French press machine as it allows me to brew coffee in a very simple way. French press is a very easy machine to use. You can brew coffee in no time at all.

I have seen a huge fan following of the Best French press coffee machine over the years and the fan following is perfectly valid.

It is very easy to brew coffee using a French press coffee maker as you will realize it after reading the article. But don’t leave in between.

As usual with our coffee all the details would make this a much better process.

So in the case of a French press it is usually defined by the metal filter and the fact that we are immersing the coffee in water.

french press

So starting with water filtered to the right temperature and coffee that is pre-measured and ground freshly. Make sure that your french press coffee machine is cleaned before you start using it or just clean your French press.

So right now we do two grams per ounce. So if you have a 30 ounce of cup then you need 60 ounce of coffee.

So my first step would be to put the 60 ounce of coffee in the cup and it would be better to saturate the coffee first. So for that you need to put enough water over the coffee in the pot to saturate the all the grounds of the coffee. Now I’m going to leave this saturated solution of coffee for at least thirty seconds so that it becomes a proper solution.

You can continue pouring water in the cup but you don’t want to over mix the coffee which can cause a lot of turbulance. You only want to saturate the coffee solution to the full level of the pot.

After filling the pot fully if you see any clumps formation then you have to mix the solution. After mixing the coffee solution properly you can allow the coffee to settle for about 3 to 4 minutes. The whole extraction usually takes about 4 minutes.

Now you have to insert the filter and not pressing until the proper amount of time is over. So at this point you just brew it with all the coffee immersed in there and wait for the right amount of time.

This is a course grind so basically the brewing method is directly related to the grind. So with the immersion period in a longer period of time gives a faster extraction.

So after waiting for at least 3 minutes the coffee has brewed and you are only going to filter it. By filtering I meant pushing the filter down the middle.

Now you can serve the freshly brewed coffee.

So as in the beginning I told you that it is a very easy process to brew coffee using a French press coffee maker. Now I really don’t think so that you guys would find it difficult to brew coffee using a French press.

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