Window Shades In A Hurry For Better Security

Need shade in a hurry?

I don’t mean a way to escape the bright sun. I’m referring to window shades. Window blinds, curtains and shades help protect your home by keeping the valuable contents of your home (not to mention knowledge about whether someone is home) from prying eyes.

Shades, quickly

More often than not, installing window shades involves measurements, trips to a store,  waiting while they’re cut or custom made and then some installation work.

I recently came across a product that can be installed in about a minute with no tools!

These shades are intended as a short-term, rather than permanent, solution.

It’s called Redi-Shade and is an easy-to-install way to add shades to windows and doors in a hurry.

They’re made of pleated paper and mounted using an adhesive strip. They come in several different widths, but because they’re paper, it’s simple to trim them to the needed width with a knife or shears.

When youʼd want shades for quick for home security

Paper shades???

Again, remember, they’re for temporary use…especially when you want windows covered quickly.

I decided I had to try them out because my first reaction when I stumbled across them was they’d be perfect as a short-term home security solution!

They’d work well for apartments or homes right after moving in (before you can get around to installing a permanent solution).

You could use them in a home or apartment while remodeling or even just painting.

Maybe you’ve taken down the regular blinds or curtains until the job is done but still want to have some privacy and security.

I’m sure there are plenty of other possibilities, too.

I’m testing them out

I used mine on some french doors at my place. As part of my test, I’ve left them up (see the photo above).  Yes, eventually, I’ll need to take them down and use “real” shades on these doors.

But they’ve been up for two months now and show no signs of coming down on their own. The adhesive has been sticking very well to the cold steel of the door. You can see from the photo the good shape they’re still in.

Even the wear and tear of opening and closing the shades almost every day (part of my testing, but also because I want to see the sun when it occasionally appears or to see how much snow we got during the night!) hasn’t worn them down much.

Opening them is just a matter of lifting the bottom of the blinds and securing the pleats using plastic clips included in the package. Closing them simply involves releasing the clips. I attach the clips to the last pleat of the blind to give some weight to the blinds to help hold them down.

Can these shades help your home security?

I thought you might enjoy hearing about this!

What do you think? Any ideas come to mind?


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