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Gabriela Silva

Gabriela Silva thrives on keeping up on the latest Entertainment news, including what the fans are bingeing and loving. She’s adept at uncovering trends in the TV, especially K-dramas like Hospital Playlist. She’s also a huge fan of Never Have I Ever and Lucifer to name a few. She’s spoken with some of the biggest names in Entertainment including Cress Williams and Tati Gabrielle.

Gabriela holds a Journalism degree from Fordham University and has been working in the industry for three years before joining Showbiz Cheat Sheet in 2021. Besides keeping up on pop culture trends and how they influence society, she loves art, including sewing K-drama and K-pop stickers. She’s also been learning to speak Korean in her spare time.

Find more of Gabriela’s work on Screen Rant, catch up with what she’s watching on Twitter, and also see her portfolio and LinkedIn for more information.