Freddie Prinze Jr. Had ‘Instant’ Chemistry With ‘Christmas With You’ Co-Star Aimee Garcia

Freddie Prinze Jr. returns as a leading man in the new holiday movie, Christmas With You. The actor recently opened up about his experience filming the Netflix project. And he revealed how he felt “instantaneous” chemistry with co-star Aimee Garcia. 

Netflix’s ‘Christmas With You’ is a holiday rom-com

freddie prinze jr aimee garcia
(L to R) Freddie Prinze Jr as Miguel, Aimee Garcia as Angelina in ‘Christmas With You.’ | Jessica Kourkounis/Netflix

Christmas With You stars Prinze as Miguel, a music teacher and single dad that cares for his teen daughter, Cristina (Deja Cruz). Garcia portrays Angelina, a pop star whose record label is demanding she makes a Christmas single. 

Cristina is an Angelina superfan. So for her birthday, she makes a social media plea asking the singer to come to her quinceanera. 

Knowing she needs to connect with her fans more, Angelina surprises Cristina at her home. She meets Miguel, and the two decide to work on a song together. 

A snowstorm keeps Angelina and her manager Monique (Zenzi Williams) from leaving. So they spend the night with Cristina and Miguel working on a school project and Angelina’s next single. 

Freddie Prinze Jr. says he had ‘instantaneous’ chemistry with Aimee Garcia 

Christmas With You is Prinze’s first leading role in over a decade. The 46-year-old — who’s known for hit films like She’s All That and Scooby-Doo — recently spoke to Netflix’s Tudum about the movie. And he admitted he found chemistry with Garcia right away. 

“There are very few people who have earned my respect and made me fall in love as quickly as I did with Aimee,” Prinze said. “Right away, she was a force to be reckoned with.” 

Prinze noted that Garcia learned all her choreography at lightning speed. And he revealed that the 43-year-old Lucifer star also recorded all of Angelina’s music in just a few days. 

“Aimee just killed it,” Prinze mused. “She had three days to learn and execute three songs. It was her idea to have the one stanza in Spanish, and she translated the whole verse. How can you not have chemistry with someone you love and respect, and how could it not be instantaneous?” 

Aimee Garcia convinced Freddie Prinze Jr. to go to the ‘Christmas With You’ premiere 

Prinze told Tudum that he never watches himself on screen. So when the premiere for Christmas With You came around, he decided not to go. But when Garcia insisted that he come, Prinze couldn’t refuse. 

“I don’t watch myself on camera,” he explained. “I went to the premiere because I can’t say no to Aimee. She was like, ‘You’re going to this movie!'” 

However, Prinze left the theater while everyone, including his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and his two kids — watched the film. He came down when it finished and was excited to hear his family’s reactions. 

“My daughter came and gave me a big hug,” Prinze recalled. he continued, “My wife, she’s always been a fan. My son, he goes, ‘It was a good movie, Dad. Can we watch Predator next?’” 

Christmas With You is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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