‘Love Is Blind’: Fans Demand ‘Higher Quality Men’ for Season 4

Love Is Blind season 3 was a wild ride, and fans are already eager for season 4. Many are calling for Netflix to screen its contestants more carefully or, more bluntly, to select “higher quality men” for the experimental dating show. Here’s what some fans hope to see in season 4, and whether they are likely to get it.

[WARNING: This article contains detailed spoiler information regarding Love Is Blind Season 3, including the finale and the reunion.]

A contestant wearing a suit stands behind a fogged glass partition on "Love Is Blind," which has already filmed season 4.
Love Is Blind | Netflix

‘Love Is Blind’ has only yielded four successful couples across 3 seasons

Season 3 of Netflix’s Love Is Blind saw five hopeful couples get engaged, but only two are still together.

Sikiru “SK” Alagbada and Raven Ross’ romance ended abruptly after multiple women came forward saying SK cheated on Raven with them after the show. The infamous “cuties scene” divided the fandom over Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey’s relationship. And fans slammed Bartise Bowden for his constant need to remind fiancée Nancy Rodriguez of his lack of attraction to her (and they criticized Nancy for putting up with it). 

Two couples – Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux, and Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton – said “I do” at the altar and stayed married. And only two couples from the previous 2 seasons of the Netflix show are still together. 

Fans have posited that Love Is Blind could see more successful couples in season 4 if they screened their candidates (particularly the men) more thoroughly and sought “higher-quality” participants.

‘Love Is Blind’ fans demand ‘higher quality men’ for season 4

Fans are reeling after only four relationships have, so far, survived the first three seasons of Love Is Blind. Many are hoping for some changes in season 4. 

They are discussing what they want to see in a Reddit thread titled, “The next season of Love is Blind needs to have higher quality men.”

“Most of the men so far on this show have been trash,” one fan wrote. “With SK ‘confirmed’ cheating (Raven took down their pictures), Cole constantly negging and invalidating, Bartise also negging and being a f*** boy, even Matt flipping s*** about Coleen ‘missing’ when she face times him multiple times, etc. it’s just like, of course this isn’t going to work, most of these men are abusive liars… None of these Boys are even close to ready for marriage and they’re putting these poor women through the wringer, often f***ing them up emotionally. I know the women aren’t perfect but it’s a night/day difference in terms of abuse and readiness for marriage… It’s almost like when the man is halfway decent, the marriage works?!?! Netflix has a broken ‘picker.’”

Some fans responded that choosing candidates who were ready for marriage would make a less exciting show. “Realistically do you really want a show of people who are just perfect and there is no drama?” one Reddit user wrote, while another said, “No one would watch. We all love the drama.”

Others said that the show’s burgeoning popularity is a problem in itself, attracting only cast members who want to become social media influencers and reality TV stars. “That would mean they have to hire real looking people who are serious about marriage and not superficial ones who are only serious about being on reality TV,” one fan commented.

Fans hoping for changes in Love Is Blind season 4 might be disappointed. Hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey revealed that seasons 4 and 5 have already been filmed, meaning producers couldn’t have taken any fan feedback after season 3 into consideration. 

Each season takes place in a different city (so far we have watched couples in Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas), and the Lacheys did not divulge where the upcoming episodes were filmed. They also did not reveal when Love Is Blind season 4 will premiere.

But they did say that fans can expect to see diversity among the cast. “There is quite a bit of diversity in the casting. We certainly have no control nor does anyone else in terms of who connects with who and which of those relationships move on to the next level,” Nick told Women’s Health. “Speaking as someone who’s there from day one, and sees all the people that are there from day one, I do think that they’ve done a good job of trying to cast diversely and will continue to. You’ll see that in season 3 and 4 and 5.”

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