‘The King’s Affection’: Park Eun-bin’s K-Drama Is Nominated at the 2022 International Emmys

South Korea has plenty of awards shows to congratulate and commemorate some of the year’s best K-dramas. But there are far few Hollywood organizations that do the same. The only one to do so is the International Emmys awarding the best series produced and filmed overseas. For 2022, the gender-bending K-drama, The King’s Affection, starring Park Eun-bin, has coveted a spot at the 50th International Emmys.

Park Eun-bin's 'The King's Affection' K-drama nominated at 2022 International Emmys.
Park Eun-bin’s ‘The King’s Affection’ K-drama nominated at 2022 International Emmys | via KBS

‘The King’s Affection’ is nominated for Best Telenovela at the International Emmys

According to Soompi, the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced this year’s awards nominees. This year South Korea joins 60 nominees from various countries for the chance to take home the title. The 2021 K-drama, The King’s Affection, has the opportunity to take home Best Telenovela at the 2022 International Emmys.

Unlike the Emmys, the International Emmys focus on foreign works produced and created outside the United States. According to Manila Bulletin, International Academy President and CEO Bruce Paisner explained, “When you look at the geographic spread, diversity, and quality of our Nominees, it becomes obvious that great television knows no borders and is emerging around the world.”

It is not the first time a popular K-drama has been nominated. In 2021, Seo Yea-ji’s K-drama, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, was also selected for the 2022 award season under Best Mini-Series.

Park Eun-bin stars alongside Rowoon in the gender-bending drama ‘The King’s Affection’

For K-dama fans, it is no surprise that The King’s Affection is nominated for a prestigious International Emmys award. The storyline captured global audiences’ interest thanks to its perfectly portrayed gender-bender themes and a story of true love. Park Eun-bin stars as Crown Prince Lee Hwi / Dam-yi.

The King’s Affection is a historical romance where the royal Princess consort gives birth to boy and girl twins. The birth of a twin girl is a dark omen for the palace. The king orders the baby to be killed. With the help of her court maids, the consort fakes the baby’s death and sneaks her out of the palace. Years later, she returns as a young girl training to become a court maid.

As fate works in mysterious ways, Dam-yi meets her twin brother, Crown Prince Lee Hwi, and the future king. Rumors of Dam-yi’s existence spread. In a case of mistaken identity, the Crown Prince, dressed as Dam-yi, is killed. To stop the palace from sinking into disarray, the consort has Dam-yi give up her name and life to pose as the Crown Prince.

Dam-yi grows up posing as a man and soon meets her royal teacher, Jung Ji-woon, played by actor and idol Rowoon. The two begin a complex and forbidden affection for each other as Ji-woon is unaware of the Prince’s true identity.

‘Dr. Brain’ actor Lee Sun-gyun is nominated at the International Emmys

With the rise of streaming platforms venturing into K-drama, Apple TV+’s first was Dr. Brain. The 2021 sci-fi thriller stars Lee Sun-gyun in the leading role of Sewon Koh, a brain scientist. Sewon has achieved the impossible and built the technology that allows him to bain sync with the deceased.


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The technology allows him to venture into the memories of the dead to look for answers or clues. Despite the risk, Sewon puts his technology into action when he loses his family. He vows to uncover the answers to his family’s death and discovers a dark conspiracy. Over time, Sewon becomes unable to distinguish memories from reality.

Actor Lee is nominated for Best Performance by an Actor for his role in Dr. Brain at the 2022 International Emmys.