‘The Traitors’: Amanda Reveals Why She Exited the Show — ‘Your Girl Is Not a Quitter’

Peacock‘s The Traitors was full of mysteries. The concept of the reality competition series is to discover the identity of three traitors before it’s too late and they have taken the $250,000 grand prize from the faithfuls. But another mystery arose when one contestant vanished from the castle without giving any reason. And now, Amanda Clark is coming clean about why she had to leave The Traitors.

Cirie Fields and Amanda Clark, who starred in 'The Traitors' on Peacock, sit next to each other at the round table. Cirie wears a brown coat over a red sweater. Amanda wears a brown leopard print jacket and red-framed glasses.
Cirie Fields and Amanda Clark | Photo by: PEACOCK

Amanda Clark departed Ardross Castle in ‘The Traitors’ Episode 5

Amanda Clark was among the 17 faithfuls in The Traitors Season 1. She also belonged to the group of 10 contestants who had never appeared on reality television prior to the Peacock series. Amanda is originally an Emergency Room Nurse from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, but she quickly adapted to the deceptive game.

As fans discovered in the premiere, Cirie Fields, Cody Calafiore, and Christian de la Torre were the three traitors. Thankfully for Amanda, she wasn’t on their radar and survived the first few murders and banishments. But that all came to an end halfway through the show.

After Kyle Cooke’s banishment in episode 5, host Alan Cumming informed the audience that “the faithful have been dealt another blow. Amanda has had to leave the castle for reasons beyond her control. But the game must go on.”

The following day, Alan told the remaining contestants that Amanda was a faithful in The Traitors. But we never learned why she had to leave Ardross Castle.

Amanda reveals why she had to leave ‘The Traitors’

A couple of weeks following the release of The Traitors, Amanda shared the reason behind her exit in an Instagram video.

“Hey guys, it’s your favorite disappearing faithful Amanda here. And I’m finally gonna tell you what happened and why I had to leave the castle,” Amanda shared. “But before that, I kind of just wanna clear the air about two of the assumptions that I’ve seen people make. Number one, that I was pregnant. The show was filmed over eight months ago, and I am obviously not pregnant.”

She continued, “And number two, that I quit, which would never happen. Your girl is not a quitter. I could have broken both my legs, and I would’ve been hobbling around that castle trying to figure out who the traitors were. I was a faithful through and through trying to figure it out. And what really happened was that I tested positive for COVID, and I was no longer able to participate in the competition.”

“I took every precaution,” The Traitors contestant revealed. “I wore an N95 and a surgical mask on my flights, I quarantined before and after I got into Scotland, and I was vaccinated. And I still tested positive and couldn’t continue. Whenever I found that out, I felt like total sh**. It was like the rug got pulled out from underneath me, and all my hopes and dreams and this amazing opportunity that I will probably never get again just was taken away from me in an instant.”

Amanda concluded, “But instead of focusing on the negatives, I’m trying to focus on the positives and the facts. And they are, the faithful didn’t banish me. The traitors didn’t murder me. And as far as I’m concerned, your girl has unfinished business in Ardross Castle. So who knows? Maybe I’ll get my revenge.”

Ultimately, Amanda’s COVID diagnosis sent her home in The Traitors. But perhaps she’ll return for a potential second season.


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Who won ‘The Traitors’?

After Amanda left The Traitors, the faithful banished Cody in episode 7. The remaining traitors cut their losses and continued to thrive in the game. At least Cirie did.

Following Cody’s elimination, Cirie and Christian had to invite one other player to join the traitors. They chose Arie Luyendyk Jr., and he accepted.

During the finale, Christian was banished, but that didn’t deter Cirie and Arie. They continued to fly under the radar, get the total prize pot to $250,000, and banished another faithful — Kate Chastain. But when it came time to claim victory, Cirie betrayed Arie. She implied he was a traitor, and the former Bachelor star removed himself from the game.

Ultimately, Cirie won The Traitors by being the last traitor standing and fooling Andie Vanacore and Quentin Jiles into thinking she was a faithful.

The Traitors, starring Amanda Clark, is available to stream on Peacock.